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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let 2008 Go With Peace and Honour

Dear friends,

2008 is almost gone. It has not to be a great guru to look at all that mess and make sad conclusion. We all have lost many things. Many cash, many deals, many projects. And to straight with you we all expect worse times, particularly at 1H 2009. That's why we, in New Park, just freezing our project for 6 month, at least. And going to new side project to middle-to-high consumer market, which seems be most stable in these conditions. Thanks to God we haven't debts and loans, there is some cash and I guess we should be successful with that. btw, if want to know more on that kind of activity, email me. And my best advise ever - looking for new opportunities on fallen RE market if you have free funds, as well as other markets, like we are.

I'm going to post 2008 RE overview at mid-January, so be in touch.

And Happy New Year! Only we can make it so.

Warm regards, Sergey

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Investment Opportunity

Hello everyone.

I'm seeking an investor (or co-investor) for multistory parking complex in Borispil international airport.
Feel free to discuss for.

Regards, Sergey