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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

UAH B1.705 paid for rent of land sites in Ukraine to Dec 1

As of December 1, a total of UAH 1.705 billion was paid in rent for land sites, which is 73.2% of the plan for 2006, according to a posting on Tuesday on the official Web site of the State Committee for Land Resources.

According to the report, the highest level of payments was recorded in Kirovohrad (96.4%), Cherkasy (95.3%) regions, Crimea (84%), Odesa (83.6%), Poltava (83.5%), Donetsk (79,7%) and Mykolaiv (78.3%) regions, and the lowest level was registered in Kyiv (23.5%), Lviv (34.5%), Zakarpattia (35.8%) and Ivano-Frankivsk (44.1%) regions. There were no payments in Sevastopol since the start of the year.

The committee press service said that in Ukraine in 2006, a total of 4,500 land rent agreements were signed. The largest number of agreements were signed for a period up to five years - 62.2% of the total number of agreements. The total area of leased land sites is 17.7 million hectares, or 64.7% of the distributed land.