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Friday, April 27, 2007

The average selling price for A Class office space, Kiev, March 2007

(Ukrainian News, 04/13/2007)

In March Kyiv office realty market saw average prices for A Class premises grown by 11.7% or USD 394.5 to USD 3,752.5 per square meter compared with February.

This follows from a message of the Traektoria realty company, a copy of which Ukrainian News has obtained.

Average cost of B Class office premises grew in March by 3.8% or USD 94.4 to USD 2,533.3 per square meter, as compared with February.

Price for C Class premises rose by 2.6% or USD 46.1 to USD 800.3 per square meter in March.

A Class offices are premises in new office complexes conveniently located and optimally planned, finely finished and engineered and also automated with human factors systems.

B Class offices have almost the same characteristics as the A Class offices though not so prestigious (as a rule, A Class offices after 5-7 years of use).

C Class offices are premises, whose characteristics correspond to the B Class but with disadvantages in location and equipping.