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Monday, October 29, 2007

Yuschenko Against Building Up Territory Around Olimpiiskyi Sport Complex

From Ukrainian News

President Viktor Yuschenko speaks against building up the territory around the national sport complex Olimpiiskyi.

This follows from a statement of the president’s press service, a copy of which was made available to Ukrainian News.

Yuschenko believes that Olimpiiskyi is a national sport facility that will serve Ukraine many years after UEFA Euro-2012.

The president noted that the state should consider the sport complex with all reasonable attitudes.

«If we place stakes that this arena has national prospects, and we should give it a second life, I am confident that we should do everything possible to clear the area around it,» the press service cited Yuschenko as saying.

The president insists on taking down the object built on the territory adjacent to the sport complex.

«The country and city residents should see the territory adjacent to the national sport complex without any constructions,» Yuschenko says.

In the president’s opinion, this question should be settled via dialogue between the investor and authorities.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, UEFA demands demolition of the trade and entertainment center in front of the national sports complex Olimpiiskyi for holding the European football championship finals in 2012.

In February 2006, FIFA warned it would ban holding of official football matches at Olimpiiskyi sports complex in Kyiv, given that construction works of the center near the stadium continue.

The construction company Yudzhyn considers that all reports of authorities, FIFA and UEFA on necessity to terminate construction of Troitskyi Trade and Entertaining Center ("Olimpic plaza") in front of Olimpiiskyi National Sport Complex are political.

In August, the Kyiv city council decided to study options for paying compensation Yudzhin developer company for the trade and entertainment center.