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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Retail Rates - As Bad As Possible

According to local CBRE' office, Kiev is one of the TOP-3 city with rent rates fall (I even cannot name it as "decreasing"). Ukraine' capital with -32% figure follows to Buenos Aires (-37%) and Warsaw (-33%). CBRE notes that biggest down numbers are in the weak concept and poor location (50-70% fall) while more succeed SCs have about 30-40% rates fall. Actualy I don't understand how the determine the median (-32%) with provided figures. Sergie Sergienko from CBRE predicts that in case of poor consumptions rent rates will continues to move down at least up to 5-10% more.

Natalia Kravets from Colliers notes that vacancy is pretty predictable: from 1-2% for prime SC up to 5-7% for unlucky ones. Some figures: Globus rent rates (USD120-150 for now comparing with USD 200-250 the same period last year), Karavan (USD 100-140 for now; 150-200 last year), Piramida (USD 50-70 for now; 80-190 last year)