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Sunday, March 14, 2010

My New Challenge

Some of you, perhaps would kile to ask me - where I've been for a while. I have a reason. I'm very busy for now. From Dec 2009 I'm a Chief Operational Officer of ECO Tower - first A-class building in Zaporozhye (approx K800 people here). This is a big challenge for me, not only because Zaporozhye. In current market, to launch brand new property is pretty complicated goal, particularly for the city. The main problem - Zaporozhey has not any experience dealing with investment grade property at all. So, no one know, R/U, OPEX and many other things. But I guess it's just a time issue.

Couple words on my new business. ECO Tower (formerly known as Bayda Business Hall), is first project of well-known Austrian investment group - ECO Business Immobilien. That's public company with project within Austria, Germany, Hungary and Ukraine. The property should be commisioned at summer 2010, so we are very close to the finish line for the moment. ECO Tower is 19-storey office building with 3 retail floors. Total GLA about K11 sqm. There are 2-level underground parking for 92 cars. But greatest advantage is location. We all know "location, location, location". And we are the best one in Zaporozhye. ECO Tower is located in central square of the city, in front of region administration building. Now doubt - this is a best place for commercial building you ever could find.

I'm open for any business contacts, as usual. btw, I'm looking a business contact for corporate apartment hotel opportunity. 15th and 16th floor are great options for that.

So, I will try to back in track with the blog. Keep tuning.