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Thursday, July 12, 2007

130 Metres Of Steel And Glass In Kiev City Center

In the downtown - at the European square, nearby to Khreshatik and Maidan it is planned to build huge skyscraper - 130 m height. Taking into the fact that this is a historical center of Kiev, there are many questions.

Quite possible that it will looking like this monster

Kiev construction rules and policies for downtown don't allow to build higher than 73 m. Thus, this object could be classified as experimental construction with a much more complicated permission and legal side of the deal.

And there is another reason to restrict the height. Many architects guess that no building in Kiev should not exceed the Kiev Lavra dome. But authors of the project prove that this is would be done.

A couple words about investor. This is Graal company, which some players connect with Mikhail Tabachnik , brother of Deputy of Prime Minister of Ukraine, Dmytro Tabachnik.

The company bought this 0.2 ha land plot for UAH 8.7 mln., so many people say that is very low price for this land in heart of Kiev. Total investment amount of the project is estimate as EUR 160 mln., so Graal intends to attract partner for this development. There will be 5-star hotel, office premises, luxury retail, entertainment facilities.

So let's wait a news about this big project and final design of the building.