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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cabinet Approves Procedure For Architectural And Technical Supervision Of Construction Projects

From Ukrainian News

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the procedure for architectural and technical supervision of construction projects.

Ukrainian News learned this from government resolution No.903 of July 11.

Specifically, the field supervision is exercised by an architect of the project or an authorized person, who can involve in the effort the subcontracting planning organizations that participated in some parts of the project.

The architect supervises the preparation of necessary documentation if it is developed by another entity of architectural activity.

He is also to appoint a field supervision group to visit the construction site on a regular basis and record the work results.

By the resolution, the technical supervision procedure is exercised by the customer or the builder during the entire construction period and all design solutions and government standard requirements must be observed.

The technical supervision includes the check of documents that verify the parameters of structures and production items, the record keeping of the amount of construction and assembly works, and the evaluation of the results of the works performed.

Supervisors have the right to demand from the subcontractor to fulfill the amount of work stated in the design and estimates, to interrupt the project if materials are found to be of poor quality, to conduct a laboratory research on the materials, and to remove project deviations.

They can also demand suspension of the project.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the parliament created a single vertical executive authority for regulating architecture and construction.

The Ministry of Construction, Architecture, Housing, and Utilities initiated state expert examination of investment programs and construction projects by a single state organization.