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Friday, October 24, 2008

Couple Words On My New Project

You asking me about my new job and project.

I’ve been in Colliers not so long as many others guys there, but I happy that it was, really. But some forces lead me to New Park as a new project. Currently, I am a Managing Partner in New Park - the first Ukrainian company, which specializes solely on the development, design, construction and facility management of multi-storey automatic parking solutions, ground and underground. We have our own equipments, designed last year, as well as equipment from Italy, Korea and Turkey. You can visit New Park web-site, but it is still in Russian only

It was not so easy to deep in completely new and unpredictable market. But all of you who know the situation with parking lots in Kiev quite clear what I’m taking about. And do not forget about Euro02012. I believe that parking as property is very attractive in Ukraine, particularly in Kiev, Odessa, Lviv and Dnepropetrovsk. For instance, 1 parking lot in Kiev costs K70-130 USD in CBD (I meant in residential buildings). Why not to develop that sort of property? I have a very strong and reliable partners in that projects with own funds and side business. I’m responsible for all operational activity. Our target markets are:
  • Office buldings
  • Multi-storey residentials
  • Single familiy residentials with lack of land

And we are seeking freehold land plots for our own development, for sure.

But one of the biggest idea(I guess so) to establish an investment fund for developing 5-10 parking property and sell them out with 12-13% yield.

That’s what I’m doing now. Hope a credit crunch won’t be too long.