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Friday, October 17, 2008

Who Need The Land? No One? Sorry....

The owners of large suburban plots began to massively ask them for sale. Land near Kiev in a rapidly losing value very quick. Owners of large pieces of commercial land are ready to concede the real buyers third of the price. Land already is not a tool for speculations.

Prices at suburban for the first time in the past seven years have stopped to grow, and in some cases even started to fall. According to Knight Frank, prices of large commercial land plots in 1H2008 decreased on average of 8%, and some of them even 25-30% down. At this spring large areas (several hectares) with access to the route on 10-15 kilometres zone from Kiev offered for USD 700-900 sqm. now owners have already agreed to sell them not more than 300-500 per 1 sqm.

The main reason – no buyers at all. No crazy income, no glammy speculations. Land owners put own assets up for sale. Huge land lots put up for sale from developers, who need funds for projects in progress. Land, which offers now has a speculative pricing, and we all know that. That’s why it is hot offers but no one need them. Therefore, in order to find a real buyer, you must put the price down significantly.

But owners in Obukhov district can sleep well: our tycoons still want to live there. Take a breath.