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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Are You Ready To Build Retail? Are You Ready To Demolish It?

If you have been in Kiev, you have to know huge construction nearby National Olympic Center. I'm taking about development of biggest shopping and entertainment complex on B.Vasil'kivska str., aka "Troitskiy" with K107 sqm. And , of course, you should know about Euro-2012 in Ukraine and Poland. Is there any connection between that? Ask Igor Surkis, who is Chairman of Football Federation of Ukraine. He knows the answer.

A couple days ago, he proposed to demolish(!) existing construction and stop the future development. Because it hampers to future championship and this a requirement of organizational committee.

But I guess there is and another reason. People say that Surkis would to control this project and it wasn't be done. Taking into this fact, the way of existing project was pretty clear. And now is the time.

As I know NEST who was the developer of this project has obtained all permits and documents. And my personal opinion that such object could fit to existing city planning and it could be useful for EURO-2012's visitors.

And retail spaces supply in Kiev still very low. Keep stopping.