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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Local Developers Becomes Stronger

Recently, I've wrote about Kharkov company Avek, which builds office center Ave Plaza. Today, I found new info on its plans regarding logistic market. Company started seeking a land plots in various regions of Ukraine.

The development of logistics centers approved by the shareholders and management as strategy for company in 2007-2011. The initial planned investment in this business is about USD 50 mln.

Business plan includes the development of a logistics center in the southern, western and eastern regions of Ukraine. As most attractive places for the location of logistic complexes, company considers area surrounding Odessa, Kharkiv and Western Ukraine. Besides, Avek plans and development the similar objects in Russia (Belgorod region), on border with Ukraine.

For that construction will be established Avek-Logistic, which in the future may become manager of logistics centers.

It's great that local companies, like Avek, invest significant fund in development, especially at their own regions, where Kiev developers not presented yet.