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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kyiv Administration Asks Court To Terminate Land Lease Agreements With 6 Companies

From Ukrainian News

The Kyiv City Administration has turned to court for a termination of lease agreements with six companies who took land on lease for construction purposes.

Anatolii Mukhovikov, who heads Kyiv's main land relations department, disclosed this to Ukrainian News.

The companies and the land plots are Interproekt, 10 Berezniakivska Street and 21 and 91 Tychyny Street, purpose - construction of high-rise houses with office space; Aviakov, 3B Tupoleva Street and 60 Palladina Avenue, purpose - construction of gasoline filling stations; NVP Budivnytstvo, at the corner of Lukianivska and Hlybochytska streets, purpose - construction of a residential complex.

The others are Business Support Center, 5 Nemyrovycha-Danchenka Street, purpose - construction of a residential house; Olimpbud, 12H Koroliova Avenue, purpose - construction of a residential house; Polius Plius, 12A Nahorna Street, purpose - construction of a residential house.

The city council had earlier nullified its decisions on allotment of land plots to these companies due to protests of local residents, Mukhovikov explained.

"There is [in the city council decisions on cancellation of allotment] an instruction to turn to court for a termination of agreements. The court claims have been elaborated, signed by the mayor and lodged," he stressed.

Mukhovikov added here that litigation may take long time, but the city administration is ready to go through all instances even up to the Supreme Court in order to terminate these agreements.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the Kyiv city council has nullified many of its decisions on land allotment for construction purposes because of public protests.