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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

'Ukraine: Investment Infrastructure: EURO 2012' Investment Forum

Information from American Chambers of Commerce in Ukraine

We would like to inform all interested Member companies and Embassies on the Investment Forum planned to be held in a framework of the EBRD Annual Meeting held in May 17th, 2008, "October Palace" in Kyiv. Ukrainian State officials, leadership of the many leading Ukrainian companies, bank and investment companies, consultants, the NGOs and Embassies, leading experts and scientists as well as foreign guests representing both governmental and private sectors are among the participants of the "Ukraine: Investment Infrastructure: EURO 2012" Investment Forum.

Among the main goals of the Forum are presentations of the investment projects related to the EURO 2012 form different Ukrainian regions, discussion of the different aspects of the preparation process, and opportunity to hold discussion on the following topics: knowledge economy: innovations, technology transfer and venture business; Finance: financial sector, stock market; trans-border cooperation; globalization and business activity; WTO accession; discussion on the specific industry sectors including energy, machine-building, travel and tourism, agriculture, etc.; infrastructure including transport and communication; legal aspects of the investment projects' implementation, etc.

Currently Ministry of Economy of Ukraine is acting as the main responsible State body to prepare the agenda, speakers, round table topics and the guest lists. We would like to draw your attention that there is an opportunity to provide your feedback and proposals on such important issues as:

  • Specific topics needed to be included into agenda and Round Tables of the Forum.
  • Your companies' presentation and guest speakers, which you would like to offer.
  • Names of organizations and institutions you would like to see among the participants of the Forum.

Please contact Ms. Svetlana Kovalivska at the Ministry of Economy at and/or Tel/Fax: 38 (044) 281-9553 to indicate your organizations' interest, to provide a feedback and to get more information regarding the Forum.