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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Minister Rybak Announces Completion Of Drafting Of Housing Code

(Ukrainian News)

Deputy Prime Minister Volodymyr Rybak has announced the completion of the drafting of the Housing Code.

Rybak's service made the announcement, a text of which Ukrainian News obtained.

According to the announcement, Rybak has held a meeting dedicated to the present state and the problems connected with the drafting of the Housing Code.

The meeting was attended by the heads of the Economics Ministry, the Finance Ministry, the Regional Development and Construction Ministry, and the Labor and Social Policy Ministry as well as by the relevant representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers' secretariat.

On the outcome of the meeting, Rybak said that the process of drafting of the Housing Code had generally been completed.

Rybak directed central organs of the executive branch of government to complete agreement of this document with the relevant agencies within two weeks so that it can be submitted to the government Committee on Regional Policy, Construction, Housing, and Utilities for consideration and submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers for approval before the end of May.

Rybak said that the Housing Code should be considered by the parliament in June.

As of today, most of the comments and proposals on the draft Housing Code have been addressed in the text section of the draft code.

The issues that require reconsideration include the need to specify certain definitions in the draft code (for example, official premises and hostels) and bringing individual provisions of the draft code in line with the active legislative acts.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, President Viktor Yuschenko has directed the Cabinet of Ministers to submit the draft Housing Code to the parliament for consideration by July 2007.

Rybak forecast that the parliament would adopt the Housing Code by April.

The Housing Code regulates legal relations of individuals and legal entities, executive authorities and local self-governments in the housing sector.

In October 2005, the parliament rejected a Housing Code with recommendations of the President.

The parliament adopted the code in July 2005, but President Viktor Yuschenko vetoed it.

The Housing Code of the Ukrainian Soviet Republic, which was adopted in June 1983, is presently in force.