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Thursday, May 17, 2007

New concepts for Odessa coastal slopes

Odessa City planning council recommended to the further development of conceptual design for the coastal slopes.

This information released Head of architecture and town planning department of Odessa City Council Vladimir Kolokolnikov. According to him, there are two hotel complexes with apartments, and four multi-level parking. The total parking place available - 1100. The maximum height of buildings are 10 floors.

The project consists a re-development of existing public green space with total area 11 ha. The project architect Oleg Klimentev followed environmental requirements and basing complexes 100 meters from the water. The access road to the complex proposed lay trough the tunnel.

However, during the meeting several local architects said that to build such complexes without engineering and environmental assessments should not be. Earlier, Odessa City council rejected the project to build two hotel buildings in another part of the coastal slopes, in the French Boulevard.