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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Yushchenko Believes In Land Moratorium' Cancelling Within This Year

The process of land privatization in Ukraine will be completed within seven or eight months, President Viktor Yushchenko said.
"Within the next seven or eight months, land privatization in Ukraine, which started in 2000, will be completed through farmers' acts," Yushchenko said at a meeting with foreign investors and diplomats in Kiev .
Ukrainian legislation now faces the task of creating a register and various mortgage mechanisms. " I am sure that parliamentary debates on the main issue - canceling the moratorium on land sale - will be successfully completed in the third and fourth quarters 2007," the president said. The position on this moratorium issue is simple, he said: "as we agreed with key political forces, the land market in Ukraine must start to fully operate as of January 2008."
"Ukrainian landowners must be allowed to use their title to the land," the president said.