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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mirax Plans Coming To The Regions

The Mirax Group considers a construction projects in Ukrainian regions, said Vladimir Adikaev, Mirax Group Executive Director .

"We have come to Ukraine and are studying the situation. If there are some interesting proposals from the regions, we will come with pleasure to study. The political situation doesn't concern us," he said.

He mentioned, that Odessa is the most interesting region for the company and the political situation would not change the plans of the company.

Mirax Group, he said, is looking for new land lots for construction. "Company has interested in large land lots, since the company constructs large facilities".

Mirax Group Vice President Andrey Khariv said the selection of land in Kyiv more depends on the location and the project rather than on a form of purchasing a project (auction, secondary market, etc).

"The way of purchase is not very important. The project itself is important. Availability of approvals of projects and some features [are also important], such as height of buildings, since we build sky-scrapes," Khariv said.

According to Adikaev, the development of Kiev is slightly stopped by the flaws of the general plan of the city, as the development of districts continues regardless of the general plan, which is corrected by construction projects.