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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Disneyland in Kiev. Is it real?

Kiev regional State administration is considering 3 land plots for construction of Ukrainian park similar to Disneyland. This surprising news told Vera Ulianchenko, Chairwoman of Kiev regional State administration.

"Priority plot is located in Obukhivskiy district, another is in Brovary district and the third I would say a land plot in Borodianskyi district," she said. According to Ulianchenko, there is certain competitiveness the complex between local districts governments .

The governor said that people living in the districts also support for construction of the complex on their territory. Ulianchenko said that the regional state administration wanted potential investors to introduce national features into the complex during the construction.

In particular, the regional state administration prepares investment proposals foreseeing Ukrainian folklore and national fairytale characters.

Ulianchenko said that the first stage of the theme park construction might become construction of roofed aqua-park.

She said it was necessary to have about nine hectares of land for aqua-park construction and development of relevant infrastructure and cost of the construction might vary from USD 45 to USD 70 mln.

At the same time, Ulianchenko said that the obstacle for developing of the investment project was land moratorium. She said that as soon as the moratorium was cancelled, the regional state administration would be able to organize construction of the park.