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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

MLP is building a new logistic complex

International Logistics Partnership (MLP) has acquired land for the construction of a A-class warehouse complex. The sire is located in Borispil city, near Borispil airport, 15 kilometres away from Kiev. На участке размером 20 га планируется построить складской комплекс класса «А» общей площадью 100 тыс. Size of the site is 20 ha and they are going to build warehouse complex with K100 sqm. total space. This project is a logical continuation of the MLP's developing a single logistics network in Russia and Ukraine.

This land site has been chosen because of the potential demand in this destination and the ckose positions to major transport routes. Land for the construction is situated on the left bank of the Dnipro in the area of the main transport traffics.

Investment in the project is estimated to be about USD 80 mln. Construction of logistics facilities will be held for a 2007-2008.

Interesting notes from the picture: on the lift machine I see a Aerobud logo. If you you remember, it is a another company was included in Privat Group interests.