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Saturday, March 3, 2007

New powerful player in real estate market

"Seven Hills LLC", a unit of international Scorpio Real Estate Group, announced its serious plans to become a major international investor in Ukraine in real estate market.

"We are starting to work on the Ukrainian market with confidence and complete set of tools necessary for the implementation of the new standards. We are going to restructure the Ukrainian real estate market in favor of building owners, office space users and industrial business. We aim to become one of the largest foreign investors in Ukraine over the next three years", said Ari Schwartz, CEO of "Seven Hills".

"Seven Hills" announced already about the construction in the Ukraine the first mixed -se complex with residential, office and industrial premices valued at USD 1 bln. In particular, "Park Avenue"- a residential complex (1 200 apartments) in front of Golosievo park in Kiev, "Podil Center " mixed-use with offices Class "A" and shopping-centre with total space exceed of K30 sqm. at the Podil's centre, "Airport City" is the first in Ukraine integrated suburban complex, which would consist of a modern office space, warehouses and logistics facilities, shopping centre, restaurants and hotels. It intends to build on a 50 ha site near Borispil highway. Furthermore, "Seven Hills" is considering several potential sites for the construction the first in Ukraine large shopping mall. Another project is related with the construction of two power plants in the Odessa region.

The company engaged in the sale of real estate property sales, design, construction and property management. "Scorpio Real Estate Group", is from Israel and involved in the construction and investment in real estate. They built more than 12.8 mln. sqm. of prestigious residential and commercial real estate in many country. Over the last seven years has focused its activities on the Central and Eastern Europe markets, particularly Romania, Hungary, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria. They are the part of the "BSG Group", a developer operating in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France and Italy.