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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Short news - Ambitious transport project for Odessa

Odessa local authorities introduced City project in the city highway alongside the sea coast

The concept of the construction presented chief of the Reregional architecture and urban planning council Vladimir Kolokolnikov.

According to the concept, the road begins from Primorskaya str. and extending up to Arkadia area. In the future they're planning a construction of the bridge across the Arkadia bay to the 10-th Bolshoy Fontan station. The total road length is about 10 km, the height of the highway is 6-8 m.

It is expected that 4-line road will join the tunnel, which will be held from Gagarina avenue to to Odessa movie studio.

Mr. Kolokolnikov noted that the talk about the cost of the project is too early. The concept will be submitted for city public debate and to the City council.