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Friday, February 2, 2007

Alpine Skiing Complex In Carpatian Mountans

Ukrainian News

The Chornohora Company (the village of Bystrets of Verkhovynsky district) has plans to invest UAH 300 million [$60 million] in the construction of the Alpine skiing tourist complex in the Carpathians near the village of Bystrets of Verkhovynsky district in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Ukrainian News learned this from Yurii Romaniuk, the deputy chairman of Ivano-Frankivsk regional council. "Investor intend to invest between UAH 200 million and UAH 300 million in the construction of the tourist complex alone," he said.

He said the company had plans to build six kilometers of access road from Verkhovyna to the village of Bystrets. The cost of the project is assessed at UAH 60 million.

He said the investors were also planning to erect a high-voltage power line from Chernivtsi region, which is not far from the village of Bystrets.

"The cost of the project is UAH 170 million, plus another several millions for the construction of a waste disposal plant," he said. According to
Romaniuk, Chernohora has purchased 65 hectares of land from locals.

The company has also applied to the regional council with a request to allot another 200 hectares on the flank of a hill. Romaniuk said the tourist complex, according to the plans of the investors, was to host first tourists in two years.

"They plan to complete the whole complex in four years," he said. Romaniuk specified that the investors would start construction works this year.

According to Romaniuk, Chornohora Ltd. was registered in the village of Bystrets in July 2005. A married couple from Kiev is a co-founder, who totally own 50% of the company. Another 50% of the company is owned by an offshore company, which was registered in the city of Nicosia on Cyprus.