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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Kiev Mayor is going to check out city construction plan

Kiev Mayor Leonid Chernowetsky initiates audit of the construction plan of Kiev (Genplan) by foreign architects. In his view, the current Genplan Kiev only nominally exists solely on paper.

"I'd like the city plan was checked by specialists, well-known known in the architectural world" said Chernowetsky. He added that the lack of clear Genplan feared him with any new construction.

Chernowetsky added that the selection of architectural firms, which will prove Genplan, will be made on a competitive basis.

Chernowetsky said that, during the meeting with the Mayor of Astana (Kazakhstan) Askar Maminam asked him to help with selection foreign architectural company to audit Kiev Genplan.
Chernowetsky told journalists that similar requests he has or intends to ask the mayors of Moscow, Geneva and Warsaw.

Friendly speaking, I'm just bored with many new Chernowetsky initiatives, which mess all of it and sometimes have no sense absolutely.