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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Contracts for State real estate property will be reconsider

The State Property of Ukraine Committee (FGIU) will reconsider all rent contracts for the lease of real estate owned by the State. The order signed FGIU Chairman Valentyna Semenyuk.

In accordance with the order, subject to review all contracts for the lease of real property signed or agreed FGIU, its regional offices, as well as the Crimea State Property Committee, with the exception of the treaties signed state budgets organisation, the Pension Fund and its organizations.

Revision of contracts should be conducted in accordance with the approved bill "On the State budget of Ukraine for 2007" on the determination of rent in accordance with the market value as determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine rule N1846 of 27 December 2006. This rule assumed that the rental rates are seen as starting in the auctions for the right to lease state property and the rates significantly changed.

Review contracts to be implemented through the signing of additional agreements to lease. The base for a month and the first month payment on the new rates determined in January 2007. Rents for January calculated on the basis of the rental rates established by the rule N1846, and the inflation index for January 2007.

In 2006, the income in the State budget from the lease of state property amounted to 326.5 million. Income from rental of a state 116.6% of the annual plan. Since the beginning of 2007, the amount of rental income exceeds UAH 28,980 mln. According to the approved plan by the end of the year FGIU to list in the budget from the lease of state property UAH 310 mln. The number of active leases public property contracts now stands at 26,633.