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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

VR is going to regulate construction rules and terms

The Verkhovna Rada intends to establish legal and organizational base on regulations in construction and to create conditions for state policy in the market. This is flow from draft bill No.2503 on the regulations in construction.

Apart from the regulations on rules in construction, city planning, and architecture, the draft bill provides for the creation of the comprehensive database of normative and legal documents concerning construction. According to the draft bill, the construction rules are normative and legal acts consisting of the rules in construction, city planning, and architecture.

The draft bill introduces three kinds of rules: the national construction norms, which are endorsed by the central construction authorities, departmental construction norms, which are endorsed by central bodies of government, and territorial construction norms, which are endorsed by local bodies of the executives. The departmental and territorial construction rules should be agreed with the central construction authorities. The explanatory note to the draft bill reads that the bill will form the organizational principles of the work in the field of the regulations in construction and will create grounds for the elaboration of methodological case for the realization of the regulations in construction.

Also, the endorsement of the bill will structure the work on the drawing up of the construction rules, their coordination, endorsement of the rules and amendments.