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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Minister of Transport wants a money for roads construction again

Rudkovski wants investments from Citybank to the Ukrainian roads. My old readers should to remember my post about negotiations between Nikolay Rudkovsky, Minister of Transport of Ukraine and French companies. Who doesn't remember, read it here.

So if I got it right , they agreed to develop cooperation in this field. And now there is new message related with American Citybank. Are we changing our priority or there are other reasons? Business?

American City Bank will consider the proposal of the Minister of Transport and Communication of Ukraine on the road development in Ukraine. According to the Minister of Transport and Communication of Ukraine Nikolai Rudkovsky, calling to international banks for the construction of roads is motivated by that the State does not have enough money to pay for construction in the near future of the road network of European quality.

Among the priorities for Ukraine Nikolai Rudkovsky stated Kiev-Lviv, Lviv-Lugansk, Kiev-Odessa, a ring road around the Kiev and 1st category roads from the East to the South, Dnepropetrovsk-Odessa. "The traffic on those roads, and even on their single section may vary significantly", the Minister said. - "We have to calculate all the details, and a mechanism by the government compensation of insufficient traffic".

According to the managing director of the public sector department of Citygroup in Central Asia and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa Kathy Pointer, the best option is to cooperate with single company: when contractors, which will build the road will also operate it. "In this way, they will be responsible for the quality of roads built," she believes.

So the meeting' result that further detailed study of Citybank priority for Ukraine ways for the roads construction and offer this to the Ministry of Transport and Communications.