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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

LV Holding discusses with Kiev authorities new mixed-use

The Kyiv Town Planning Council has recommended that the LV Holding (Kiev) split the office and residential sections of the mixed-use complex called Livoberezhnyi Public Centre that it plans to build on Mykilsko-Slobidska Street in Dniprovskyi district in Kiev.

The Kiev Town Planning Council's architects have recommended that the designers of the project (the Architectural Union) design a transport layout that will allow entry to and exit from the territory of the complex. They also recommended that the designers of the project create a pedestrian zone along Dnipro and make a recreation zone that includes an aqua park and dolphins pool.

The project provides for construction of three separate high-rise buildings: an office centre with apartments, an office centre, and a residential building. The building will have 650 apartments, and a fitness centre will be located on its first floor.

The buildings will be located on three separate land plots with a combined area of 15 hectares. According to the project’s chief architect Maria Suska, implementation of the project will require about three years. Construction is scheduled to start in 2007.

Sounds good, but there is one strange remark: this company is absolutely new in Kiev construction market, no previous projects and the owners on LV Holding are some unknown persons. Main question is: who is behind the deal?