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Thursday, February 22, 2007

First real Ukrainian skyscrapper is ready to build

In Kiev can begin construction a giant 86-floor skyscraper near metro station "Levoberezhna", begin at the end of May 2007. The 2,5 ha land plot has already given by Kiev city council. Last question is to examine a geology.

That said Sergey Babushkin, the chief architect of the project.

"A month ago, we signed a contract with the Shanghai Project Institute and is now working closely and learn their experience of the construction of high-rise buildings, "said Babushkin. - "Why Shanghai? The fact is that there are geological conditions are the same as in our city. There is a river, which is pretty similar to Dnipro, and such kind of construction develops well. We will consult with the specialists of the Institute, on process of construction our project, the country's first 200-meter building. I'm sure everything will be OK".

Before construction they decided to reconstruct appropriate transport interchanges. Because even now there are big traffic jams sometimes.

Some info about zoning of a future building. The underground floors placed parking, above wil be the supermarkets, shops, multiplex, leisure and entertainment centres, the next ones are hotel and residential apartments, and offices and conference rooms on top of. Total construction, area reconstruction and road interchanges would cost about USD 1 bln.