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Thursday, February 8, 2007

"Elita-Center" fraud exposure anniversary

Ukrainian News

Around 100 people are staging a protest outside the Kyiv city state administration building on the occasion of the anniversary of revelation of the Elite Center fraud.

The protesters are carrying posters reading "Hovels to people!", "Mr. Chernovetskyi! Elite Center is awaiting problem settlement!", "Mr. Chernovetskyi! You were elected to protect our interests!", "Rogues took our homes!".

The protesters also built a cardboard house symbolizing the interests of the Elite Center fraud victims. Apart from this, the protesters started to build a brick wall, but police officers broke it down. From time to time the protesters chant "Hanba!" (shame). After the police destroyed the unfinished brick wall, they surrounded the place, preventing protesters from approaching it.

As Ukrainian News reported, the municipal administration registered 1,220 investors who suffered from the Elite Center construction fraud, and need housing. In early February 2006 the investors committee of the Elite Center investment construction group reported a stealth by the company heads of over USD 100 million invested in the Elita-Center housing construction.