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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

“Privat” group, Dnepropetrovsk, is going to set up a construction holding based on “Aerobud” company

The shareholders of Kiev based Aerobud company agreed on the establishment of branches in Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and Odessa. This step gave a reason to speak, that the Igor Kolomoiskiy, co-owner of Privat seeks to strengthen its position in the future construction and development market.

Recently Aerobud has been a leader in monolith construction technology and several years has been very widely presented in the market, getting the prestigious orders regularly. For example, the redevelopment of the Borispil airport, hotels Ukraina, Russia and Turkmenistan embassies, hotel Oreanda in Yalta and many other. But now Aerobud almost lost among the many companies working on Kiev market. So, the decision to go to regions where the volume of construction has steadily increased, could compensate for the failures the former flagship.

Most likely, the increase activity in the company related to its coming under Privat umbrella. As for November 1 2006, the nominal holder of 99.99% stake became Privatbank, and in December of last year, shares of the construction company approximately equally distributed among well-known Privat offshores: Ballioti Enterprises LTD, Melchett Invest Limited, Geveld Holdings INC, Ravenscroft Holdings Limited and Mortondale Assets Limited.

The need to come seriously into this business, Igor Kolomoiskiy faced with stadium construction in Dnepropetrovsk for the his football club , they say.

Likewise, set up of industrial holding, which will in construction market is very timely, and, given the Privat ambitions makes sense starts with capital company.