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Monday, February 12, 2007

Kiev Planning council approves project of reconstruction Kozatskyi hotel

Here some news from Kiev building and construction "world". I'd like to get your comments is this interesting for you.

The Kiev City Planning Council has approved a project of reconstruction of the Kozatskyi hotel, located at 1/3 Mykhailivska Street in the Shevchenkivskyi district.

At the same time he noted, the board's permission is valid only on condition of the project approval by agencies, protecting cultural heritage and the Kiev city council's decision as to land plots, which would be used for expansion.

There are two land plots by the hotel, which would be built up when developing a free space between the hotel building and the neighbouring house.

The project foresees one-floor addition over the hotel, in which apartments are planned to be built. Two additional floors had been proposed before.

The project authors (Oleksandr Moskovchuk architectural bureau) on recommendation of the City Planning Council members retained architectural style of the existing facades.

The reconstruction is ordered by the Defense Ministry’s subsidiary Kozatskyi hotel. The Kozatskyi hotel is located in the Kyiv center on Nezalezhnosti Square.