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Thursday, February 8, 2007

XXI Century confirmed new shopping centre in Desnianskyi district

Kiev department for control over architecture and construction permitted the XXI Century company to build a shopping centre on Balzak Street in Kiev's Desnianskyi district.

Permission for construction works is a legal document, which certifies a developer's (a customer's and a contractor's) right for performing construction (extension, reconstruction, technical re-equipment, restoration, overhaul) works of the object, stated in the permission.

Total amount of the XXI Century's investments into the project makes up USD 4.7 million.

Opening of the shopping centre is planned for the second quarter of 2008.

The center will have an area of 4,600 square meters, including 2,800 square meters of shopping space. The new center will have three levels, including a basement store.

The shopping centre will include a food supermarket, public services, dry-cleaning, bank branches, entertainment, catering, a children's room, mini-shops for commodity goods (clothes, footwear, optics, accessories and souvenirs etc.

The XXI Century company will redevelop the territory, including renovation of a playground and construction of a sports ground.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the XXI Century company intends to start construction of a shopping center on Balzaka Street in Desnianskyi district of Kyiv in March this year.

The Kvadrat Ukraine company (Kyiv), which is part of the XXI Century group of companies, intended to construct the Kvadrat shopping center on Balzaka Street in Desnianskyi district of Kyiv by 2008.

The XXI Century group of companies decided in 2006 to reorganize itself into a single development company. The company was registered on October 31, 2003, as a closed joint-stock company.

According to information from the Agency for Development of the Stock Market's Infrastructure, Twenty First Century Holding (Overseas) Limited of Cyprus owned 99.99% of the shares in the XXI Century company as of November 10, 2005.