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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Best investments in Ukraine 2006

2006 for private investors, having free funds, was successful. Since 1998, when prices for residential real estate were twice dropped, there was possible to purchase one-room apartment for $5K. Now this apartment costs about $80K.

There is 1600% for 8 years and aprox. 60% for 2006 income for real estate deals. Secondly are power plant shares - 90% (and you should exclude 15% for taxes and traders commision). Third most profitable asset is gold brings 35% profit, but there is 10% spread for bank operations.

Talking about real estate pricing I have to say about enourmous growth - from $1350/sq.m at February to $2300 at December (at Kiev for sure). Make note, that is not only income from arbitrage. Most of them using for rent business. So potential income about 70% for 1 year

About stock exchange. Profitabily of mutual funds vary from 11 up to 57 %.

So, in short-term conditions, real estate investments are most profitable and reliable asset in Ukraine.