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Monday, January 29, 2007

Investors council set up under Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

Premier Minister Viktor Yanukovych has become the head of the Investors Council under the Cabinet of Ministers.

The Council is needed to ensure constant dialogue between business and power. Thanks to the work of the Council, investors will be able to take part in formulation of government decisions and improve investment climate.

According to provision On the Investors Council endorsed by the resolution, the Council is a permanent advisory agency under the Cabinet of Ministers. The Council has to hold meetings at least once a quarter.

The Council's crucial tasks are:

  • drafting proposals concerning formation of state investment policy;
  • participation in working out and holding of expertise in bills on investment policy;
  • submission of grounded proposals on implementation of investment projects directed to development of priority economy sectors.
The Council's decisions bear recommendation character and are obligatory for consideration by local governments, enterprises, institutions and organizations.

The Council Secretariat, headed by Economy Minister, provides organizational and information activity. Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers provides financing of the council activity.

PM had said that the Council would include leading representatives of Ukrainian and foreign business, and state representatives of different levels.

According to Yanukovych, the council will take part in drafting bills protecting investments in Ukraine, improve relations between investors and the government, and fight corruption in the investment area.

The Premier said the council would allow the government to bring in life its idea of innovation and investment model of state development.