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Monday, January 8, 2007

Ukraine Construction Ministry plans to destroy old multi-family houses

The Construction, Architecture and Municipal Service Ministry of Ukraine plans to start destroying low-standard multi-family houses built in 1960s in 2007. Minister Volodymir Rybak said that the ministry`s position on the issue is determined: low-standard houses will be fully destroyed. These houses called "khrusevka", by the name of Nikita Khruschev, former USSR leader. He is firts began to build mass multi-family houses after WWII.

Moreover, the minister said that old houses built in1960s, which are suitable for living, will be repaired. Rybak said that the main issues to be settled when these houses are destroyed should be stipulated in the Housing Code of Ukraine. The minister said that in the middle of January, the Construction Ministry will submit a draft housing code to the regions to study it and made amendments. As reported, on December 22, the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine`s parliament, adopted a law on building new houses in the low-standard blocks of buildings.

This one of way to decrease high demand for land sites for new construction in Ukraine, particulary in Kiev.