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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Prices snapshot for Kiev offices supply

Offices segment shows dynamic growth. The most of companies prefer to rent offices in renewed business centers. The most popular class of offices is “B” or “B+”. Generally the rent for this class starts from 35-55 $/sq.m. Generally these centers have more than 90% occupancy. Class A is also demanded but it does not have more than 8 % Kiev’s market of office spaces, and presented Leonardo, Horizon Tower, Millenium, Podil Plaza kiev-Donbass. Vacation rate 1-3 % Such type of spaces cost 50-75$/sq.m.

If someone has the desire to buy office, he has to be oriented at the following range of prices:

“Class A” 6 000-15 000 $/sq.m.

“Class B+” 4 500-7 000 $/sq.m.

“Class B” 4 000-5 500 $/sq.m.

“Class C” 3 000-4 500 $/sq.m

This segment of real estate market has demonstrated almost the same dynamic of prices as residential one. Since 2004 the prices almost have tripled, and for the luxury spaces (Center, Kresatik) they prices soared 5 times increase.