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Friday, January 26, 2007

Transport Ministry of Ukraine is going to buy-out the land

The Ministry of transport and communication is initiated a new bill which allows State to buy-out land plots from the owners without their consent.

A bill which gives such right is already developed by Ministry. Officials explain such bill is needed for building strategically important objects, like roads, highways etc. As explained in a Ministry, the transferring rules of lands under strategic building is not well-regulated now. «As soon as plans appear to build roads around Kiev, the land immediately close to deals", — the minister of transport and connection Nickolay Rud'kovskiy explains. — We will never get an infrastructure, if will not accept a legislation which will allow on legal ways to purchase plots». An official is sure that a government must have a right to buy any land back, necessary for building a transport infrastructure.

Now are examine a few variants of such procedure. Most experts are predisposed to that in the beginning necessary to send a offers with the fair market price. If they will be declined by owners, this problem will solve in a court. The second variant is foreseen by possibility for the forced procedure of buying land back.

A quite similar problem happened with IKEA recently.