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Monday, January 15, 2007

Hyatt Regency Kiev has been frozen again

Joint-stock company “Sofia - Kiev” is planning to go out of the business.

19th of the February the shareholders of the joint-stock company “Sofia - Kiev”- construction project management company of the hotel “Saint Sofia Hyatt Regency Kiev”- are going to examine a question about liquidation of the company. During the meeting they are going to create a liquidation commission and determine the terms and structure of the procedure.

The “Saint Sofia Hyatt Regency Kiev” hotel project was problematic from the beginning. The construction has started in 1996, and till 1997 the basement and ground floor were completed. Then the realization of the project was suspended for a year then the owners were changed. In the summer of 2004 the new owner of Joint-Stock Company " Sofia- Kiev " became "Industrial Union of Donbass".

Opening of hotel was planned in 2006, however the date of setting into operation was postponed.